Dedicated to promoting awareness for opera and the arts in our community.

Palm Beach Opera Guild

Our mission is to support Palm Beach Opera and provide “opera culture” opportunities for Guild members to nurture their appreciation and knowledge of opera.

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The Palm Beach Opera Guild is a group of women and men dedicated to supporting Palm Beach Opera by raising funds for Palm Beach Opera Studio and Opera Rehearsal 101.

Palm Beach Opera Studio is a seven-month training program that fosters the skills
high school students will need to pursue a successful music career in college and beyond. The Palm Beach Opera Studio program is demanding; the learning experience is exceptional and participants are held to a high professional standard.

Opera Rehearsal 101 is a unique opportunity for middle and high school students to catch a glimpse of the opera production process during a live working rehearsal before opening night.



Lisa Huertas
Lisa Huertas


Elizabeth Bowden
Elizabeth Bowden
Arlette Gordon
Arlette Gordon
Ari Rifkin
Ari Rifkin
Cathy Solomon
Cathy Solomon
Marilyn Mims
Marilyn Mims



Legal Advisor

Barbara Weimer
Barbara Weimer
Jean Gutkin
Jean Gutkin
Sheryl Wood
Sheryl Wood


Sigrid Baumann
Louise Cohen
Diane Dompka
Gail Galli
Debra Goldenhersh
Ronnie Isenberg
Monica Kaufmann
Lisa Koeper
Jeff Koons
Ingrid Kosowsky
Claude Lourie
Marilyn Macron
Lorraine Mari
Huntley Miller
Hermé de Wyman Miro
Philip Robinson
Ruth Summers
Phyllis Verducci
Linda Wartow
Beth Williams
Gail Worth
Virginia Zeani

Sustaining Members

Paula Butler
Carla Mann
Elayne Mordes